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Clever Model Portfolios Service
About Our Clever Portfolios
The Clever Model Portfolios Service. Our model portfolio service consists of five investment portfolios each with their own investment objectives and risk profiles that are designed to provide you with long-term capital growth and help you achieve your financial objectives.
Why invest with CleverMPS?
The Clever portfolios are built and managed by a highly sophisticated computer system that picks and constantly monitors the underlying funds, without any human interruption. This consistent and algorithmic approach to portfolio management ensures that any fund switches that are made in the portfolios are made at the right time, for the right reasons, providing you with more efficient and robust returns.

Watch this short video to understand what makes CleverMPS so different and more efficient that more traditional model portfolio services.

What are the benefits of investing with Clever?
The underlying funds that make-up the Clever portfolios are picked and constantly analysed by sophisticated computers that remove any human vagaries from fund switching decisions. Access to a range of portfolios aligned to your individual risk attitude to risk, capacity for loss and investment objectives. You will receive an email every month with an update on your portfolio including any fund switches that have been made.